About Atom Power

Circuit breakers manage the flow of electricity and protect us from the immense hazards of surging electrical currents.  


Yet something so integral to the safe and reliable distribution of power hasn’t meaningfully changed since Edison’s lab.


Circuit breakers have been mechanical for as long as they’ve existed. Until now.


The modern world has outgrown the risks and constraints of traditional circuit breakers. To meet our evolving needs, Atom Power built the world’s first and only true solid-state circuit breaker. By using semiconductors to control the current digitally, Atom Power’s breakthrough marks a quantum leap for power distribution and consumption.

An Intelligent Power Distribution Ecosystem For The Commercial Power Industry

Atom Power’s product suite includes a circuit breaker (Atom Switch), distribution panel (Atom Panel), and software (Atom OS) that can intelligently control the flow of electricity to and from buildings and things. 


For the commercial power industry, this user-friendly system immediately enables more control, customization, capacity, and speed than ever before, while dramatically reducing current dangers like electrical explosions.


Looking ahead, Atom Power will be the foundation for innovations across distributed energy, sustainability, and efficiency that powers our increasingly

digital world. 

Meet the Team

Atom Power was founded in 2014 by CEO Ryan Kennedy and CTO Denis Kouroussis. The team of engineers designs and manufactures the Atom Power suite of products in Charlotte, NC with a purpose rooted in innovation and safety.

Mike Harris
Ron Thompson
Scott Pierce
Ryan Rizor
Howie Barber
Binesh Kumar
Taylor Santore
Tim Strunck
Davide Leoni
Jason Amistadi
Logan Rosevear
Danny Figueroa
Fred Miller P.E.
Jamie Stager
Hrishikesh Tamhane
Scott Clark
Ilya Sandler
Eshwara Ramesh
Alex Yang
Monica Siewert
Brandon Goins
Edward Nieves
Anand Krishna
Greg Crumpton
Drew Allen
Phil Allen
Chris Johnston
Dr. Maciej Noras
Dr. Babak Parkhideh
Ryan Kennedy P.E.
Dr. Denis Kouroussis

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