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Switchgear for electric vehicle charging can provide additional protection, reliability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and compatibility with renewable energy.

Atom Power Switchgear

Atom Switchgear

Our Atom Switchgear is an all-in-one intelligent solution that enables site owners to maintain higher charger uptimes while minimizing installation, maintenance, and operating costs.

+ General Specifications

  • Voltage: 600VAC

  • Panel Rating: 1200A bus

  • 65kAIC@480VAC (50kAIC@600VAC) configured for 3-phase, 4-wire applications

  • Main breakers can be equipped with either 800A or 1200A 100% rated Siemens 3VA LSIG circuit breakers 

  • Feeder breakers can be specified from 150A to 600A, 80% rated Siemens 3VA6 LI trip circuit breakers.

  • Enclosure: NEMA 3R

Specifications Sheet

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