PURPL™ Advanced EV Charging

A Scalable Solution

with More Capacity

Our design is simple and modular, so new chargers are easy to install by any certified electrician, no special training required. Demand Management maximizes your charger installation capacity beyond what is possible with a traditional charging scheme.

Expensive utility service and equipment upgrades are not required to install all the EV charging stations you need. We handle peak demand to keep total power delivery within your existing capacity.

No Service Upgrades Necessary 

Inexpensive Pedestals

All the charging control is inside the branch distribution panel, leaving only a plain steel pedestal at the actual charging site. Our pedestals are durable and easy to replace if damaged. 

Our unique solid-state smart breakers bring EV charging inside the panel, but they also do more than that. The digital circuit breaker is the switching technology of the future that outperforms every other circuit breaker on Earth, preventing property damage and personal injury with operating speeds that can be measured in microseconds.

Solid-State Safe

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