What standards, and thereby what geography is Atom Power currently focused on?

Atom Power is focused on meeting UL standards for the North American markets.  Additional international listings may be made available in the future depending on “pull” from those regions.


Is the Atom Switch and Atom Panel designed to be used in residential applications?  

Not at this time as the focus has been on commercial and industrial applications.  



Atom Switch:

What actually breaks and makes the circuit within the Atom Switch?

The semiconductors always make and break the circuit first between line and load.  Immediately after the semiconductors break the circuit, the mechanical “air gap” breaks.  There is never a situation where the air gap disconnect makes or breaks under load. This has huge advantages in the reduction of arc chutes, pitting, and general wear of traditional circuit breaker products.


Does the Atom Switch have a mechanical disconnect and can it be locked out?

Yes. Every UL-listed Atom Switch has an “air gap disconnect” which is required by UL. When the air gap is open, a lockout device can be placed on it to prevent the Atom Switch from re-closing the breaker’s physical air gap separation.  


Is the Atom Switch considered a current limiting device?  




During a short circuit or overload, are all phases opened simultaneously?  




Can the Atom Switch be incorporated into other OEM equipment?  




What is the efficiency of the Atom Switch?  


Refer to data sheet.

Is metering built into every Atom Switch?  




Can you see the setting of the Atom Switch even when power is off?  

Yes, the e-ink display illustrates the Atom Switch name and trip settings at all times, even when power is off.



Atom Panel (including Atom OS):

What is the “Gateway” within the Atom Panel and what is its functionality?  

The Atom Panel Gateway is a microprocessor within each Atom Panel that aggregates communication from all of the Atom Switch circuit breakers (within the same panel) and provides one (1) Ethernet connection out to the customer.  The Atom OS software is embedded within the Gateway as a web app so you never need to worry about the device you're using or a server. The communication protocol from the user to the Gateway is TCP/IP over Ethernet and the Gateway communication to the Atom Switches is over internal CAN bus.


Can the Atom OS be customized to include your own company logo?  


Can more than one user view or edit the settings for the same Atom Panel at the same time?  


Multiple users may view the same Atom Panel at the same time in Atom OS. However, once a user accesses an individual breaker's settings page, others will only be able to view settings, but not edit them, until that user leaves. This first user is the temporary "owner" of the breaker, and will be listed as such on the breaker's settings page. Other users may make changes to any other breaker in the meantime, and they will then be listed as the "owner" of that breaker while they are on its settings page, and so on.