Adding more EV charging capacity for apartments is easy with Atom Power technology

Some electric vehicle (EV) owners across the country are growing frustrated with finding access to EV charging stations, especially those who live in multi-unit complexes.


According to a recent article from USA Today, 1 in 3 U.S. households live in apartments or condominiums. Not all of those have the physical or electrical infrastructure to allow for multiple EV charging stations, forcing EV owners to look for other areas to plug in. It’s a major inconvenience and could prove to be a major obstacle in the national push to encourage more people to switch from gasoline-powered cars to electric.

“I fully believe in electric vehicles and electrification, but the government and private companies that build new buildings need to be way more aggressive. Otherwise, people who live in multifamily buildings are going to be forced to drive gas-powered cars,” Kelly Richard Olsen co-founder of an EV advocacy group in Santa Monica, told USA Today.

Here’s the problem. It’s not really the physical space that most of these multi-unit complexes are lacking, it’s the capacity of the current electrical service. Think of it like this. There is X amount of power available each day to the complex at the standard rate of electricity, called the peak demand. If the complex suddenly goes over X amount because of the addition of EV chargers, the utility will charge a much higher price for that electricity because it was unexpected. That could cause a huge increase in utility bills.

There’s also the amount of space left on the existing circuit breaker panels for new inputs and the capacity of the transformer that powers the complex. If electrical upgrades are needed, the cost could range from hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars. Additionally, there could be over a year wait if a new transformer is needed.

Atom Power’s PURPL Advanced EV Charging system is the solution to those problems.​​ By combining energy management with multi-panel digital circuit breakers, we can provide much larger installations at a much lower cost.

How does it work? The amount of energy available in a day is much higher than most people realize. By regulating the vehicle charge rate, time of day, length of time, and overall energy usage each EV can use over the course of a given day, PURPL will ensure the building never exceeds the peak demand, so the utility won’t charge the increased rates. In addition to the savings on electricity rates, that means up to 25x more EV chargers could be installed before a transformer upgrade is needed. Once PURPL charging is installed, it’s also easy for an electrician to add additional chargers as the demand grows.

As more and more people make the switch to electric vehicles, it’s clear that access to charging will be a major factor in where people will want to live. Atom Power’s PURPL Advanced EV Charging system is the perfect solution to make new or existing multi-unit complexes more attractive to tenants.