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Lead the Charge Towards Sustainability

Charge with purpose for a greener tomorrow. Our innovative products, energy management, and services support a more sustainable future, driving progress while you power up.

Imagine this:

  • Five hundred 48A chargers with Atom’s Dynamic Energy Management engaged.

  • Delivering 15,841,180 driving miles. 

  • The CO2 reduction equals 55.3%.

  • If those miles were powered by gasoline, it would have pumped out a massive 6,110 tons of CO2.

What that looks like:

 4,222 ton
reduction in CO
430,982 gallons
gasoline avoided
63,332 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
* Estimate based on Atom EV charging data model; CO₂e calculations based on U.S. EPA GHG calculator.

Atom's Intelligent Solutions
Unleash Savings, Scalability, & Revenue

It is important for commercial properties that are adding EV charging to their property to balance the electrical load that EV charging stations require to avoid excess cost while assuring your electric vehicles are ready when you need them.

Atom’s intelligent energy management solutions utilize secure protocols both on-premise and through our cloud to enable you to efficiently and cost-effectively charge electric vehicles at scale.


Atom's Power Management
Charge Up to
10x More Vehicles

Atom’s Energy Management utilizes your existing infrastructure to charge vehicles by distributing power among all connected vehicles, enabling you to charge more vehicles and avoid costly site infrastructure upgrades.


Atom's Dynamic Energy Management
Unlock Up to

46% Energy Savings

Atom's Dynamic Energy Management enables up to 46% savings through peak demand avoidance with the use of a smart meter and custom demand set points that dynamically balances electric vehicle charging against the building’s power usage in real time. 

Demand Response Energy Management
Maximize Grid Stability

Demand Response Programs improve grid stability while adding revenue to your bottom line through utility-based incentives.

Demand response uses two-way communication between the customer site and a utility company that may request a power reduction to avoid outages. Atom Power then adjusts vehicle charging to accommodate this request. 

Energy Management in
One Seamless Dashboard

Atom insights™ gives you total visibility into your EV charging portfolio and your power management metrics in one intuitive web or mobile-based application, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

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