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Custom-based modules made from SiC MOSFETs minimise the impact of short circuits and overloads


Microwaves & RF: Digital Circuit Breaker Gains UL Approval

Atom Power's latest digital circuit breaker has gained UL listing under UL 489I.


Compound Semiconductor: Atom Power Announces Two US Patents For Digital Circuit Breaker

Atom Power, the US-based inventor of the first digital circuit breaker,has announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued two patents for its solid-state circuit protection technology.


Power Magazine: Atom Power Announces Two U.S. Patents for Its Digital Circuit Breaker

Atom Power, inventor of the world’s first and only digital circuit breaker, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued two patents for its solid-state circuit protection technology.


Vox: What happens when the humble circuit breaker becomes a computer

The electricity system is evolving from analog to digital — and that’s great news for transitioning off of fossil fuels.


Power Electronics World: Atom Power SiC Modules UL Recognised

Atom Power, the US start-up behind the world's first digital circuit breaker, has announced its SiC power modules, models SWXFT100CPM and SWXFT50CPM, are UL Recognised to UL 1557.


Global Newswire: Atom Power’s Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Module Now UL Recognized

Industry trailblazer achieves UL Recognition to UL 1557 for proprietary SiC Power Modules


EE|Times: Startup Preps Digital Circuit Breakers

Arc flash sparked idea for Atom Power, says engineer-turned-CEO.  His startup, Atom Power, has a digital circuit breaker now in pilot tests and a second generation based on a custom module coming this summer.


Power Grid International: Arrival of digital circuit breaker rocks the grid world

A first-ever digital circuit breaker was certified for commercial use this month, according to a new story in Popular Mechanics. 


Forbes: This Startup Is Bringing Circuit Breakers Out Of  Dusty Basements And Into The 21st Century

Atom Power is bringing circuit breakers into the 21st century, combining software and connectivity to create the first digital circuit breaker certified by Underwriters Laboratories, which sets industry safety standards for consumer products.


Popular Mechanics: How the World's First Digital Circuit Breaker Could Completely Change Our Powered World

3,000 times faster than the fastest mechanical breaker, this innovation could radically alter how we manage power.


Solar Power World: Atom Power releases new UL-listed digital circuit breaker to intelligently manage DERs

Atom Power announced its innovative digital circuit breaker technology is now UL-listed. The company says this is the first time in the history of commercial power distribution that a digital solid-state circuit breaker has been listed by UL.


IEEE Spectrum: Atom Power Is Launching the Era of Digital Circuit Breakers

New digital circuit breakers that combine computing power with wireless connectivity may finally replace an 140-year-old electromechanical technology

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