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The Atom Cloud software solution makes it easy to manage and monitor your EV charging portfolio - where it’s public, private, fleet, or a mixture - in real-time across single facilities or numerous sites.


Security That 
Scales With Your Business

Atom Cloud enables secure management and monitoring of your EV chargers with FedRAMP-level security protocols - both on-premise and in the cloud - that block tampering and spoofing. Our Atom Edge operates on-site as a fully integrated platform with smart, distributed power management so your chargers continue to operate normally and safely without the cloud. Atom Edge communicates with Atom Cloud, increasing reliability and security with a end-to-end encryption.


Complete Visibility and Control

Atom Insight provides complete visibility and control of your EV charging network in one unified, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Remotely manage individual chargers or your entire portfolio in real-time

  • Manager driver access, set pricing schedules, and monitor energy usage

  • Direct communication with Atom’s network monitoring team

  • Actionable insights reports that can be customized

  • Intuitive web and mobile application 


Minimize Costs with
Intelligent Power Management

Our intelligent power management enables you to install more charging stations utilizing your existing electrical infrastructure, reducing deployment costs, and avoiding peak demand charges.


Managing Your Fleet Made Easy

We make streamlining your fleet management easy with full-featured telematics integrations.

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