Atom Power's EV Digital Charging Solution 2021


Welcome to the Future of EV Charging

This all-in-one, EV charging solution revolutionizes the EVSE making it more cost-effective, both in equipment and installation, than any EV charging solution available on the market today. Built with our solid-state breaker technology, it improves electrical safety and reduces the risk of costly damage and repairs thanks to its unique panel-based design.

Our one-of-a-kind solution includes power distribution panel-based EV breakers with a simple pedestal making it ideal for any application such as multi-tenant, commercial and captive fleet.

  • Easy – there is no easier way to install EV infrastructure, manage the EV infrastructure and perform demand response
  • Cost Effective – average cost savings of 50% across competitive solutions
  • Scalable – utilizing Dynamic Energy Management, maximum energy output from existing building capacity is realized, while universally meeting Code requirements.  On premise and/or cloud
  • High Density – more KW per charge point with flexibility on facility charge output and capability of product to realize full 80A charge output
  • Less Risk – smart, high value assets are in the building, the low-cost EV plugs are in the public areas