The Central Hub for the Smart Home

This revolutionary, all-in-one technology is disrupting traditional electromechanical circuit protection and offers new capabilities and benefits that have been impossible to realize with traditional products. Our technology is the central hub of the home with solar, energy storage, EV charging and load management as digital spokes.

Residential Digital Power is the next generation of home power and energy management at a price-point affordable for consumers. With the core digital technology from the solid-state circuit breaker, this form factor product is 100% digital and the safest circuit breaker on the market. As the hub of the smart home, it integrates with solar, battery energy storage, EV charging, standby generators and the future of vehicle-to-home power dispatch.

We have the distinction of being the world’s first and only company to have developed a UL listed solid-state circuit breaker used by organizations around the world. Now, we’re bringing this transformational technology into the home.