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About Us

Founded in 2014, our innovative co-founders set out to create a new standard for the electrified world by creating a transformational solution to protect, monitor, and control electrical systems. Their vision and ingenuity along with a growing team of world-class engineers and leaders resulted in the Atom Switch™, the first UL-certified digital solid-state circuit breaker. 

Today, we’re focused on Level 2 and DC Fast electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Tomorrow, the possibilities are endless.

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Our Purpose

To be, rather
than to seem.

To provide transformative grid technology that delivers unparalleled protection, visibility, and control at the point of consumption.


We're headquartered in North Carolina, where the state motto is Esse Quam Videri, which means “To be, rather than to seem.” This aligns to our core values at Atom Power, action-oriented and driving positive results for all stakeholders.

Be Bold >

Be Intentional >

Be Collaborative >

Be Reliable >

Believe >

We boldly embrace change and drive innovation, constantly seeking to improve and transform.

We act with purpose and clarity, making thoughtful decisions that align with our goals and values.

We achieve more together through teamwork and collaboration.

We consistently deliver on our commitments, deploy highly reliable, premium technology, and build trust through dependability.

We believe in ourselves, in each other, and in the value we provide to all of our stakeholders.

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Financially backed by global leaders, including SK Inc. and SK Energy


One of the key drivers behind SK’s decision to invest $100 million was Atom Power’s unique core technology, high reliability, and strong engineering capability.

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EV Level 2 charging solutions designed and manufactured in the U.S.


EV charging installations across the United States

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Headquartered in Charlotte, NC with an R&D facility in Research Triangle Park (Raleigh-Durham, NC)

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Multiple certifications across our hardware and software products

UL Listed
Energy Star logo
ETL Certification
Buy American Act (BAA) compliant
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Atom Switch™ solid-state circuit breaker


Atom Power founded


Alpha Prototype developed


Beta Prototype developed



Pre-UL Prototype developed



Atom Power SiC modules developed



First ever UL-listed solid-state circuit breaker



Generation 2 Switch released





Generation 3 Switch and

E50 Series EVSE released




$100 million SK Group growth investment to help Atom EV redefine charging and to explore possible future Switch applications


Opened Research Triangle Park R&D office in Raleigh-Durham, NC


Generation 3.1 Switch and

E100 Series EVSE (coming soon)

Atom Switch™ solid-state circuit breaker
Atom Switch™ solid-state circuit breaker
Atom Switch™ solid-state circuit breaker
Atom Switch™ solid-state circuit breaker
Atom Switch™ solid-state circuit breaker
Atom Power - 84in Pedestal CMS Purple Dual
Atom Power 52in Pedestal Purple Dual
Atom Power Suite of Level 2 Products
ATOM-Power Single Wall Box
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Atom Power - E100 84in Pedestal CMS Purple Dual Full Angle 40deg
Atom Power Enclosure
Atom Power Suite of Level 2 Products
Atom Power E100 52in Pedestal Purple Dual
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170210 - Atom Power - 9.05.02 AM
Atom Power Headquarters Image
Pepsi Frito-Lay Installation Image
Atom Power Atom Power Product
Atom Power Chargers in Parking Lot
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