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Transforming tomorrow.

Our purpose is to provide transformative grid technology that delivers unparalleled protection, visibility, and control at the point of consumption.


We are transforming how the flow of energy is controlled, systems are protected, and energy data is managed behind the utility meter.

Advanced technology and a modernized grid require a more advanced circuit breaker.

That’s where our patented Atom Switchᵀᴹ comes in.

Atom Power revolutionized the circuit breaker by creating the world’s first commercial UL-listed digital solid-state circuit breaker.

Our vision is that our next-generation solid-state circuit breakers will efficiently regulate power distribution across data centers, factories, buildings, homes, factories, and grid-edge distributed energy.

Ensuring significantly enhanced safety, reliability, and energy efficiency compared to traditional mechanical circuit breakers.


Protect >

Our state-of-the-art solid-state circuit breaker surpasses traditional mechanical circuit breakers, offering superior protection against electrical faults, enhancing safety and reliability in critical environments.

Monitor >

Equipped with highly accurate metering, our solution offers unprecedented visibility into your power systems, enabling real-time monitoring and precise energy management.

Control >

Seamlessly integrated with a sophisticated software platform, our technology empowers users with unparalleled control over energy distribution, facilitating efficient management and optimization of electrical consumption.


Data Centers.

Speed & Precision

Solid-state circuit breakers interrupt current significantly faster than traditional ones, reducing damage risk to sensitive data center equipment. Their precise control isolates only faulty sections, maintaining uptime for the rest.


Reliability & Maintenance

With no mechanical parts, solid-state breakers have lower maintenance needs and higher reliability, minimizing downtime which is crucial for data centers.


Integration & Monitoring

These breakers offer advanced monitoring and diagnostics, providing real-time data on electrical parameters and breaker status, enhancing the ability to predict and prevent issues, optimizing performance and safety.

Data center



Durability & Longevity

Solid-state circuit breakers are more durable, withstand harsh industrial environments better, and are more cost-effective in the long run due to their longer lifespan and reduced maintenance needs.


Safety & Control

Advanced control features provide precise fault detection and isolation, improving safety, efficiency, and productivity in industrial operations.


Energy Efficiency

Optimize energy usage with detailed consumption insights for better management and waste reduction.


Commercial & Residential Buildings.

Advanced Features

Remote monitoring and control integrated into smart home systems for convenience and security, along with advanced fault detection to enhance the safety and reliability of building electrical systems.


Energy Management

Solid-state breakers offer detailed usage data, enabling homeowners and businesses to better manage energy consumption, save costs, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Grid-Edge Distributed Energy


Grid-Edge Distributed Energy.

Fast Response

Rapid switching of solid-state circuit breakers is crucial for managing distributed energy resources (DERs) and efficient grid integration. They help balance supply and demand in real-time, improving grid stability and reliability.


Scalability and Flexibility

Easily integrated into various grid-edge applications, solid-state breakers provide scalability and flexibility for growing DERs, essential as renewable energy adoption grows exponentially.


Enhanced Protection

Solid-state breakers offer superior protection against faults and surges, safeguarding grid infrastructure and connected DERs. Advanced features help prevent cascading failures, maintaining grid integrity.

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