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Empowering today.

Our comprehensive EV charging solutions feature our proprietary Atom EV Level 2 charging system, DC Fast Chargers, switchgear, and industry-leading software.​


All driven by our team of experts here to collaborate and provide best-in-class, highly reliable EV charging that  exceeds your expectations.

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Atom EV Pedestal Image
Atom EV Pedestal Image

Level 2


EV Charging
EV Charging

DC Fast


Switchgear room
Switchgear room




Why we're
leading the charge.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, our Level 2 chargers utilize our core technology, the solid-state Atom Switch™. Providing the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and security.

Below are some of the key reasons why our solutions are better for your operations and users.  

Atom EV Pedestal

Key Features & Benefits


Atom EV™ Level 2 Solutions


Industry reports & claims

range from 72% to 99%

>99% across all of our deployed customer sites

If EV chargers are down, it can cease operations & create poor user experiences.

EVSE Sophisticated Components

All at the parking spot

Centralized at the enclosure

Lowers the risk of downtime and costly repairs from vehicle and weather damage

Circuit Protection

Traditional mechanical circuit breakers

Digital solid-state serves
as both circuit protection & EVSE

Superior protection, monitoring, & control for your investments, employees, & end users

Energy Management

None, limited, or some version that requires add'l third-party hardware & software

Intelligent & dynamic

Install more charging ports & balance building loads using existing infrastructure. 

Lowering deployment costs & avoiding peak demand charges.

Durable Dispensers

Typically many plastic parts

Strong, rust-proof metal

Reduces damage & costly repairs

Cable Management System

Typically rope cables

Nylon-coated steel cables w/ best-in-class auto-retraction

Reduces theft & abrasion damage

FedRAMPᵀᴹ Authorized Cybersecurity

Only 2 other EV charging companies

Authorized in March 2024

Ensures best-in-class data security & rigorous standards for authorization, access, & continuous monitoring

Designed & Manufactured in USA

Few can claim both

At our state-of-the-art HQ and R&D facilities in North Carolina

Buy American Act compliant. Increases eligibility for US incentive programs.

Reduces lead times.

energy management.

Intelligent energy management allows you to install more charging stations utilizing your existing electrical infrastructure:

  • Lowering deployment costs

  • Avoiding peak demand charges

  • Leveraging demand response utility programs

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