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Fully Integrated and Optimized EV Charging Solutions

Atom Power's EV charging solution is fully integrated and optimized, and our end-to-end approach maximizes your available energy, reduces your total cost of ownership, and delivers improved performance. 

Reinventing How Electric Vehicles Charge.

PURPL by Atom Power centralizes charging and control into one smart solution, improving performance and increasing safety. Unlike other EV chargers, the high-value equipment is consolidated in the EVSE panel where it feeds power to the individual charge ports as needed.


Our solution will efficiently charge your fleet so your vehicles are ready to go, and it's cost-effective to add more chargers as your fleet grows.

EV charging for Fleets


We make it easy to offer advanced EV charging to your customers and employees with a cost-effective and scalable business model. 

EV Charging for Businesses


Our approach helps you future proof your EV charging investment because you can add more chargers as your EV charging needs grow.  

EV Charging for Multifamily

PURPL is the perfect solution for businesses that need to charge multiple vehicles at once. Our dynamic energy management enables you to efficiently charge dozens to hundreds of vehicles with your current energy capacity, helping you avoid utility equipment upgrades and peak rate charges.  

Efficiently Charge More Vehicles

Real Time Monitoring & Management

PURPL's smart charging solution provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of your EV charging network, guaranteeing charger uptime so your vehicles are ready when you need them.  

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