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Our purpose.

Provide transformative grid technology that delivers unparalleled protection, visibility, and control at the point of consumption.

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Solid State Circuit Breaker

Our solid-state circuit breaker.

Atom Power revolutionized circuit breaker technology by creating the world's first commercial UL-listed digital solid-state circuit breaker. Using a semiconductor to interrupt current flow instead of a mechanical device means no moving parts.

For your sophisticated, expensive equipment, our transformative technology offers many significant advantages over a traditional mechanical circuit breaker, including:

  • Intelligent protection, visibility, & control

  • Greater reliability & durability

  • Superior safety & speed

We are creating and delivering a new standard for the electrified world that is more reliable, scalable, and secure.

How we're
empowering today.

Our comprehensive electric vehicle charging solutions feature:

  • Proprietary Atom EV Level 2 charging systems

  • DC Fast Chargers (Level 3)

  • Switchgear

  • On-premise and cloud-based monitoring and control

  • Intelligent energy management

  • FedRAMP™ authorized cybersecurity / software standards

  • Best-in-class customer service​

Our solutions and expertise are ideal for workplace, multifamily, and fleets including company vehicles, trucking, and white & yellow buses.

We enable businesses, governments, and other organizations across multiple sectors to manage their EV charging portfolios with maximum reliability, visibility, protection, and control.


Electrify with confidence.

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 School Bus

Atom EV Charging


GWh delivered


Atom EV charging figures are as of June 14, 2024 and reflect aggregated customer data. 

How we're

Our patented, digital solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB) technology offers unmatched protection, visibility, and control which are absolutely critical for multiple applications, including: 

  • Data Centers

  • Industrial

  • Commercial & Residential Buildings

  • Grid-Edge Distributed Energy


Our programmable and software-defined SSCB will address many sectors’ needs, but it will be a must-have for applications where sophisticated and expensive equipment requires safer and more effective and efficient technology at the point of electrical consumption - providing superior protection for your people, assets, and operations.

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