Get more out your existing capacity and install more EV chargers today with the PURPL™ Centralized Smart Panel System. 

We've put the charging control logic inside the circuit breaker, leaving only an inexpensive steel pedestal exposed to potential accidents. Our smart panel performs real-time Energy Management with Peak Demand Avoidance that lets you install more chargers without the need for utility upgrades. Overall, we are more cost-effective, both in equipment and installation, than any EV charging solution available on the market today.


PURPL™ Advanced EV Charging

Solid-State Digital Technology

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The future of power management for the home is digital smart breakers. We have the distinction of being the world’s first and only company to have developed a UL listed solid-state circuit breaker. Now, we are bringing the core technology from our solid-state breakers into a residential form factor that is 100% digital and the safest circuit breaker on the market. As the hub of power for the smart home, it integrates with solar, battery energy storage, EV charging, standby generators, and the future technology of vehicle-to-home power dispatch.

The Central Hub for the Smart Home

Residential Digital Power

Coming 2022

We are redefining the power and energy industry by delivering new infrastructure-based solutions with capabilities impossible until now.


With our smart and user-friendly products, we enable our customers to have more control, customization, capacity and speed than ever before while dramatically reducing safety hazards like arc flash.

Looking ahead, we will continue to be the foundation for innovations across distributed energy, sustainability and efficiency that powers our increasingly digital and connected world.


Solid State

Across the U.S., demand is increasing for incorporation of EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) in design specs in such a way that they are part of a building’s aesthetic or site design, not a clunky afterthought. At Atom Power, our custom design services allow us to create EVSE in virtually any material, color, or form factor. Our unique approach means that the EVSE technology lives safely inside your building so the plug-in has full design flexibility. Want it to stand out so with an eye-catching design? Prefer it to blend in? Want it integrated with site furniture? The possibilities are endless.

Choose from our portfolio of design options or create a fully custom EV solution.

EVSE Design & Architecture Solutions

You control the look.