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Empowering today.
Transforming tomorrow.

Atom Power is a technology company operating in the electrical industry, providing hardware and software solutions that fundamentally change the way energy is consumed, managed, and commercialized. 


Today, we’re focused on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Tomorrow, the possibilities are endless.

Atom EV Charging ¹




Gigawatt hours delivered



Tomorrow's circuit breaker.
Here today.

The grid of the future requires the circuit breaker of the future.
 patented Atom Switch™️ is already here today. 


Atom Power revolutionized circuit breaker technology by creating the world's first commercial UL-listed digital solid-state circuit breaker. Using a semiconductor to interrupt current flow instead of a mechanical device means no moving parts are involved when opening and closing a circuit. 

We're creating a new standard for the electrified world that is more reliable, scalable, and secure. ​


Today, the Atom Switch has re-invented how electric vehicles charge. 

Tomorrow, it will help power buildings, homes, factories, and data centers; facilitate multiple energy sources, including renewable energy; and combined with smart metering and communications, be the ideal solution to enable edge-of-the-grid distributed energy resource management.

Atom Switch circuit breaker with icons showing what it can help power - EVs, buildings, data centers, homes.

167x cycles beyond UL 489 requirement
Extremely durable and reliable

Electrify with Confidence.


Our comprehensive EVSE product suite features Level 2 and DCFC (Level 3) charging systems, switchgear, on-premise and cloud-based asset and energy management, and 24/7/365 network monitoring. 

Enabling fleets and businesses across all sectors to manage their EV charging portfolios with maximum reliability, visibility, protection, and control.


  • >99% uptime 

  • Proactive 24/7/365 network monitoring

  • Exceeding expectations & requirements 

Electric semi-truck (illustrated)
Electric fleet van (illustrated)
Electric vehicle (illustrated)


  • Software-defined & programmable

  • Avoid facility & utility infrastructure upgrades

  • Meeting your needs for today & tomorrow


  • FedRAMP® Authorized cybersecurity standards

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Providing protection & peace of mind

Video Diagram Screenshot

Minimize Costs with Dynamic Energy Management.


Our dynamic load management capabilities enable you to install more charging stations, utilize your existing electrical infrastructure, reduce deployment costs, and avoid peak demand charges.

¹ Atom EV charging figures are as of May 1, 2024 and reflect aggregated customer data. 

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