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Accelerating Sustainability


Atom Power is focused on sustainability in our client solutions and operations. As an innovative technology company operating in the electrical industry, we have the opportunity and responsibility to help accelerate the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Our goal today is to accelerate EV adoption by providing reliable, scalable, and secure charging solutions that facilitate the electrification of transportation. 


Tomorrow, the possibilities are endless with our innovative UL-listed solid-state circuit breaker. 

Our Atom EV Achievements ¹




Gigawatt hours delivered



Our Estimated ² Positive Impacts


lbs of
CO2 avoided


gallons of
gas avoided


trash bags

Reinventing EV charging & more

Atom Power is committed to improving EV charging technology and supporting the transition to more sustainable transportation. Our innovative Level 2 solution is reinventing EV charging by centralizing it at the panel-level and increasing reliability, scalability, security, and safety.


At our research and development facility, located in the world-famous Research Triangle Park in Raleigh-Durham, NC, we are working on advancements to our existing products and exploring new technologies and innovations to make charging and the electrification of everything more efficient, effective, and accessible.


Our Operations


In addition to providing EV charging solutions which directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we also prioritize sustainability within our own operations. We are focused on reducing our environmental impact by minimizing waste, conserving resources, and using sustainable materials whenever possible.


At our headquarters in Huntersville, NC, we have proudly provided free EV charging to our employees and the public since 2021. We currently have 14 EV ports delivering reliable charging through our very own Atom EV Level 2 chargers, which feature our Atom Switch solid-state circuit breaker.

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Partners and Pledges


Atom Power is a proud Geotab Sustainability Alliance partner

Geotab Sustainability Alliance partners offer solutions to help fleets reach their sustainability goals. These solutions seamlessly integrate with vehicle telematics to accelerate efficiency gains and decarbonization efforts of fleets.

Our partnership solution is focused on electric vehicle charging management.


Integrating EV charging data into a single pane of glass provides fleet operators with an efficient way of managing electric vehicles. Effective EV charge management is important as customers accelerate their adoption of electric vehicles into their operations. Integrating with EV fleet focused charging management systems (CMS)  ensures that vehicles are optimally charged and available when needed, while optimizing for cost and carbon reductions.


We took the pledge: Driving EV Friendly Workplaces Forward

The EMPOWER Workplace Charging Project is catalyzing workplace charging (WPC) adoption by connecting workplaces nationwide with local workplace charging coaches, reducing barriers through education, and providing access to a centralized library of helpful workplace-focused resources.

“My organization is supporting the growth of charging at work for our employees and pledges to investigate how we can install more workplace charging or better support employee access to electric vehicles.”

1 Atom EV charging figures are as of May 1, 2024 and reflect aggregated customer data. 

2 Estimated positive impacts are based on the U.S. EPA GHG Equivalencies Calculator. All estimates provided are approximate for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as ESG reporting disclosures.

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