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Smart insights for informed decisions.


The Atom Cloud Software Solution makes it easy to monitor and manage your EV charging portfolio in real-time at a single facility or across numerous sites. Providing actionable insights from one secure, easy-to-use dashboard. 

FedRAMP Authorization Logo

FedRAMP® Authorized on 3/28/24: FR2403745080

Only the third EVSE company to earn this authorization. 

FedRAMP authorized security standards.

Enables secure management and monitoring of your EV chargers with industry-leading cybersecurity protocols - both on-premise and in the cloud - that block tampering and spoofing. 

Reliable charging
with >99% uptime.

Monitor and manage your charging stations with real-time data and access to in-dashboard expert support. Resulting in maximum uptime that exceeds expectations and requirements.

One dashboard,
total control.

Atom Insight can integrate with your existing operational applications – building automation, fleet telematics, and more – for seamless control in one unified platform.

+ Minimize costs with dynamic energy management.


Our intelligent load management capabilities enable you to:

  • Install more charging stations

  • Utilize existing infrastructure - decreasing the need for facility or utility upgrades

  • Reduce deployment time and costs

  • Avoid peak demand charges



+ Reliable, secure network uptime

Atom Edge operates on-site as a fully integrated platform with smart, distributed power management so your chargers continue to operate normally and safely even without the cloud. 

Atom Edge communicates with Atom Cloud, increasing reliability and security with an end-to-end encryption.

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