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Atom Switch

The next generation in circuit breaker technology.

The grid of the future requires the circuit breaker of the future. 
The patented Atom Switch is already here today. 

Atom Power revolutionized the circuit breaker by creating the world’s first commercial UL-listed digital solid-state circuit breaker. 

We're creating a new standard for the electrified world that is safer, faster, more efficient, and more reliable.

With a solid-state circuit breaker, on/off control is intrinsic to the device. Our patented solid-state digital circuit breaker uses a semiconductor to interrupt current flow instead of a mechanical device. 

  • 200,000-amp interrupting capacity 

  • Lowest incident energy of any breaker

  • Integrated metering, control, and adjustable trip settings

  • No moving parts involved when opening and closing a circuit

Once metering and communications are added, you have the perfect mechanism to enable edge-of-the-grid distributed energy resource management.

167x cycles beyond UL 489 requirement
Extremely durable and reliable
UL 489: 6,000 cycles at 100% rated current
Atom Switch: Testing stopped upon reaching 1,000,000 cycles under full load, post-inspection indicated another 1M+ cycles were possible

Integral Air Gap Disconnecting Device
The integral air gap disconnecting device with integrated lockout/tagout features the set of mechanical contacts needed to provide galvanic isolation of the circuit.

Current Sensors
Meters and calculates when to operate the breaker in an overload or fault condition, enabling us to program the solid-state circuit breaker to open at any current value based on a specified time - so a single design can cover a large range of current ratings.

Atom Switch solid-state circuit breaker exploded view

Control Board
Takes inputs from the current sensor and calculates when to operate the transistor. It can also be used for communication and outputting a user interface through a display or LEDs.

Atom SiC Module
Our Atom Power designed and produced silicon carbide module provides unparalleled circuit protection in a simplified form factor.

Power Supply
Converts AC power from the circuit breaker panel bus into DC power for the control board.

Communication Link
The communication supply enables communication to other breakers and the control system.

Today, it charges electric vehicles.

Tomorrow, it will help power buildings, homes, factories, and data centers, and facilitate multiple energy sources, including renewable energy. 

Atom Switch solid-state circuit breaker
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