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Case Studies


Atom Power has completed installations across the United States for fleets, workplaces (large corporate offices and small businesses), different levels of government, multi-unit dwellings, entertainment destinations, and more.

All organizations looking for a reliable, scalable, secure charging solution - either from scratch or as a better replacement for underperforming existing charging stations.

Reliable: >99% uptime across our sites! 

Row of Atom EV charging pedestals with charging panel

Atom Power installed 80A level 2 charging ports for an entire distribution depot electrification project in Charlotte, NC, which resulted in Atom being awarded several additional depots for Frito-Lay.

Atom EV charging pedestal and Mecklenburg Paint Company fleet vans

Atom Power installed four dual-port 48A level 2 charging ports for a van depot electrification project in Charlotte, NC, utilizing existing infrastructure, avoiding extra costs and time to energize their parking lot. 

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