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Our robust suite of electric vehicle charging solutions features Level 2 and DCFC (Level 3) charging systems, switchgear, on-premise and cloud-based asset and energy management, and 24/7/365 network monitoring.

Designed by world-class engineers and delivered with a customer-first focus.

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Atom EV panel
Tablet displaying Atom Insight Software
Charging pedestal with cable management system
Atom Power 200kW DC Fast Charger
Atom EV panel
Atom Switch (illustration)
Charging pedestal with cable management system

Level 2 Chargers


Atom EV Level 2 chargers are powered by our core technology, the solid-state Atom Switch™ - providing the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and security. 

Offering a full range of powerful, fast, and programmable level 2 charging from 1.4 kW to 19.2 kW, available in 48A and 80A systems.   


Total Charging Sessions







Total Energy Delivered

SK Signet 200kW Pedestal

DC Fast Chargers


Atom EV DCFCs (Level 3) are reliable, fast, and powerful units proven to meet the needs of vehicles with higher charge rate capabilities and larger battery capacities. 
Our systems range from 30kW to 600kW and include a NEVI-qualified unit.  

Laptop displaying Atom Insight Software
Tablet displaying Atom Insight Software

Atom Insight Software


The Atom Insight software solution makes it easy to monitor, manage, and integrate your EV charging portfolio - whether it’s public, employee, fleet, or a mixture - in real-time, at a single facility or across multiple sites.

• Industry-leading cybersecurity standards 
• Scaling with your needs 
• Providing visibility and control
• Minimizing costs with dynamic energy management

Atom Switchgear



Our Atom Switchgear is an all-in-one intelligent solution that enables site owners to maintain higher charger uptimes while minimizing installation, maintenance, and operating costs.

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